admechanics technology

Get an integrated solution with AdMechanic

Do you get the most of your display ads?

It can be difficult to create effective banners, but we have your back. AdMechanic allows you to edit your online banner campaigns in minutes.



AdMechanic constantly shows you the look of your banner, real-time, while editing. You see what your clients see, providing proof of quality.

STATISTICSGain overview and security

Get running statistics on banner performance related to your changes. AdMechanic is compatible with all tracking systems including Google analytics.



The AdMechanic tool works with normal flash banners created by you or your agency. You upload your swf files to the system, and in few seconds you can start editing text and images, and prepare fallback gifs. When you are satisfied with the changes, a zip file can be downloaded, containing the entire campaign for deploying online. As of now – all updates of banners done by you within AdMechanic, will be shown online whenever you desire.

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